The domain of the digital must belong to users, -invisible, without a name, a role, or any interest. Here, life has been curated to a single extension, a meaningful and meaningless imagery. Are people hidden by too many images? Do they become images? Once virtualized, our skin becomes permeable and one day, it will detach itself completely from the hyper body and vanish. We [individual intelligences] have our image, like a wheel’s tire, stripped of its own form through its continued use. This, a practical evasion of biometric facial recognition -as the spectacle is the realm of vision, and vision is exteriority- is a dispossession of oneself. How dreary to be somebody! Shamefully elitist and ego driven. But telepresence is always something more than just the projection of the image. Am I the one to become nobody on the void of a digital screen? Or is my being entangled into my process? Hello, I’m nobody, who are you?

Welcome to the archive space

of work by ẅhŏddăŧ

born in São Paulo, based in Barcelona, discussing art, graphic design & technology.

I am Nobody! Who are you?(1)

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Welcome to the archive space              of work by ẅhŏddăŧ based in Barcelona,
    art,graphic design &

My Happy SVG

My Happy SVG
PRETO Series 

   [Video Series]


PRETO Series was developed in partnership with Collective P R E T O from São Paulo & London, a collective that proposes parties and experiences among techno scene inside the streets of these cities. Among the documentary, features of testimonies from artists and friends of PRETO help shape the voice of these years of gatherings. In a series of short experimental videos that aim to represent the sensorial experience that PRETO produces on their editions, connecting music, art, and many other medias, each video contemplates its own unique narrative. Parallel to what the collective does throughout their concepts of each edition, this documentary brings a new reading of their history - a being, Metot, the sculpture and main protagonist of PRETO as we talk about its birth and metaphor for its life being. Collecting archive and visual representations, the experimental videos are brought by their social media and where also displayed during “LIVE”, an online event that happened in 2021.


w/ Isabela Orsi
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My artistic practice was curated by a poem called ‘I’m Nobody! Who are you?’ from Emily Dickinson, that confronts the fame and authorship in a beautiful and inspiring way. 
My artistic name, as I use, is Whoddat, allowing the anonymity to be its center while appropriating the Internet language as poetically written.